Peter Kozlowski M.D. 

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

My biggest passions are gut health, nutrition, and mental, emotional, spiritual health. 

A Medicine of Hope & Opportunity
— Dr. Jeffrey Bland


As a Functional Medicine M.D. I have more tools to find the source of dysfunction. I take the time to listen, plot your history on a timeline, consider what makes you unique, what triggered disease, and what in your life is keeping you sick. Working with traditional and specialized labs I look for signs of imbalances.  Most importantly is that the care is individualized, what works for one person may not work for the other. Together we approach health as a team and a community.   



Previously ran Emerald Coast Functional Family Medicine a private practice in Destin, Fl. 

I have had the opportunity to train with the leaders in the field of Functional Medicine at the clinics of; 

  • The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA (Dr. Mark Hyman

  • The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA.  (Dr. Deepak Chopra)


  • The Blum Center for Health in Ryebrook, NY. (Dr. Susan Blum)

  • Vineyard Environmental Medicine in Martha's Vineyard, MA. (Dr. Lisa Nagy)

  • Family Medicine training at St. Mary and St. Elizabeth hospital in Chicago, IL.  



*Dr. Kozlowski is extremely patient, caring, and will do all that he can to get to the root of your problem. I love functional medicine doctors because they are able to offer the best of both worlds - medical testing and treatment when needed, and also a natural approach to healing. Dr. Koz delivers both, and with compassion and a true interest in your well-being. I highly recommend this practice!
*I have been dealing with declining energy and stamina for the past 10 years and no one has been able to give me any significant help. Dr. Kozlowski is treating me through diet and medication and I have had immediate results. I am continuing to see improvement as we fine tune things and I have hope again of being active and doing all of the things i want to do.
*OK. so i must reluctantly admit...I cried because HE listened so well. I am looking forward to whipping this autoimmune challenge once and for all..Dr. K, I am so glad you came here..countless western medical doctors would not help me get to the root cause..thank you for you help!!!!
*Finding Dr. Kozlowski has been a blessing to me. Searching for months for someone that would listen and not jump to a quick fix. Dr. Kozlowski really has gone above and beyond to help me get the right tests, supplements & answers all of my concerns. This is something you won’t find in traditional medicine and is a priceless addition to our area.
*I have followed Dr. K from another clinic and would happily follow him anywhere else he went. This doctor understands the value of communication, when I describe something he listens to what I have to say which means the world to me. For my last visit with him I contacted him and said I need to be seen and he immediately made himself available. He took the time to go over my symptoms and explain to me what was happening and how the prescription would work. I would recommend this doctor to any person who needs a good physician.
* I’ve dealt with an auto-immune disease since childhood, and have seen numerous doctors without ever receiving the proper care. After searching for months, I found
Dr. Kozlowski, who was able to determine a root cause for many of my issues during my first visit. Dr. K uses the functional medicine approach to determine a root cause and treat the whole body, instead of just treating symptoms. He takes his time, listens to the patient, and will work together with the patient to come up with a healing plan tailored to your body and needs. He shows a high level of concern for his patients, and is always available when needed. I am truly thankful to have Dr. Kozlowski and his staff in our area.
*We LOVE “Dr. K” (as we affectionately call him)!!! I’m a registered nurse and I can tell you with a great deal of confidence that Dr. K is exceptional in quality care! An appointment with him is unlike any other doctor’s appointment you will experience. He takes his time, is very attentive, and delves into all the details of your health & history. You can certainly tell he is passionate about health and getting to the root cause of what is causing “dis-ease” in the body. This approach is incredible, especially with respect to docs who resort to “giving a pill for every ill,” never truly getting to the underlying CAUSE of the condition. Dr. Kozlowski is a wonderful doctor and I’m already recommending him to everyone I know!
— Elizabeth Bowdren

Disclaimer - (*)results may vary from patient to patient