Do you take Insurance?
No,  we are offering a Direct Pay Membership Model.

We can provide you with a Super Bill which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement as an out of network provider.

What is the cost?
The total year cost is $2900.

$500 at the first visit and then $200 per month for 12 months.

A 10% discount is offered if one year is paid in advanced.

How long is the commitment?
12 months with an option to stay longer if you would like to continue to work together.

Once completing the one year, as needed visits will be discounted 10% per visit.

Can I cancel if I sign up for the monthly plan?
Yes, a contract is signed at the initial visit which states that you can cancel at anytime for any reason.
However, if you cancel before the end and have used more visits, than which have been paid for then a balance will be calculated and will be due.
For example, if you come to 3 visits in the first 2 months, are better and no longer need our services, you can cancel.
You are not obligated to keep paying monthly, but agree to pay the balance for the 3 visits, based on the hourly rate.

The doctor can also cancel the contract with advance notice if issues arise. 

What is included?

6 visits during the year with Dr. Kozlowski including the initial visit Initial Visit is usually 2-3 hours in total (including health coaching).

Follow up visits are 30-60 minutes.

2 health coaching visits per month.

Emailing with Dr. Kozlowski and the health coach.


Can I come to see you without committing for the year?
Yes, the charge for the initial visit is $500 (90-120 minutes) Follow up visits are $400 for 60 minutes, $200 for 30 minutes, and $100 for 15 minute follow ups.
Time is billed equally for email, phone, and telemedicine followups. Health Coaching is $75 per visit.

Can I use insurance for my lab testing?
Yes. Most lab tests are fully or partially covered, some may not be covered or may require a co-pay.