What is Functional Medicine?

It is a medical specialty which focuses on discovering the underlying causes of disease or dysfunction. The focus is on the individual, we believe everyone is a different, different genetics, upbringing, family history, medical history, relationships, life stressors, diet, sleep patterns, and ability to handle stress. Some variables are constant, but life always presents us with new challenges like a new job, another course of antibiotics,  a break up, or a water leak causing a moldy home. Over time our ability to handle these changes also varies.  We use a detailed history to identify what in your past put you at risk for being sick, and what in your current life is keeping you sick. What do you have too much of and what is there not enough of? 

What are some common causes of underlying dysfunction that my traditional doctor is not addressing? 

1.  "All Diseases Begin in the Gut." -Hippocrates

We really focus on Gut Health. Digestion, Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, Malabsorption, SIBO, are a few examples. 

2. Nutrition. Food sensitivities, Healthy Eating, Genetically Modified Foods. 

3. Environmental Medicine. Identifying toxins and supporting detox. 

4. Identifying and Supporting Nutritional Deficiencies. 

5. Balancing Hormones. Adrenal Glands, Thyroid, Male & Female Hormones. 

How is Functional Medicine different?

"Traditional Medicine" works great for acute disease, advances in surgery & treating infection are two areas where we are saving countless lives, but an area where we have room for improvement is in the management of chronic disease. Pharmaceuticals are keeping people alive longer, but are we creating health? We are taught to diagnose individual conditions and pick the appropriate pill for each condition. Should we not consider how your thyroid pill interacts with your Blood Pressure pill, what you had for lunch, how much you slept last night, the conversation you had with your husband last night, and your Diabetes pill? More importantly, why do you need a thyroid, blood pressure, and diabetes pill?

Would I benefit from seeing a Functional Medicine doctor? 

I believe the answer is yes. Whether you have been dealing with chronic disease and have gone from doctor to doctor and keep getting put on more pills, but keep feeling worse. Or you live a healthy and active lifestyle, but want to make sure you stay out of the chronic disease model. We prescribe the best tools as needed, whether these are lifestyle changes, supplements, whole real food, exercise, rest, or sometimes pharmaceuticals.  We will work with your current doctors, specialists, family, and community to make sure you have all the best tools in place.